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Mechanic’s Liens and Bond Claims

I help contractors get paid. If you are owed money on a construction project, you may have a right to file a mechanic’s lien or make a bond claim. While filing a mechanics lien does not guaranty payment, it is the most powerful tool available to contractors. I offer a flat fee for many of my services.

Mechanic’s Lien

Bond Claim

Pre-Lien Notice Letter

Contact Justin Scroggs if you are owed money on a construction project.

Construction Contract Drafting and Review

Having a favorable and fair contract is one of the best ways to get paid because a good contract clearly outlines the obligations of each party involved, reducing the likelihood of a dispute. It will also provide a roadmap to resolution if a dispute arises. If you need someone to review a contract you’ve been asked to sign or if you need to draft a good construction contract, I can help you with either. 

Entity Formation

Construction is risky business. Accidents can be dangerous and mistakes can be costly. Be sure to properly protect your personal assets from your business assets. If you have several businesses, be sure to protect the activities of one business from the other. Whether you want to form an LLC or a corporation, I can help you with entity formation and separating your assets in order to limit how much claimants can go after.

About Justin Scroggs

I am a construction attorney licensed in both Texas and Oklahoma. I focus on lien law, bond claims, construction contract review and entity formation. In addition, I have run a family construction subcontracting company. I have personally experienced the challenges of being a contractor and know how hard it is to get paid when a job goes bad. I can use this knowledge and experience to help you get paid and keep your money.

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